Mike Robertson

Will Rogers said:  “I am more concerned with the return of my money than the return on my money.”

I could not agree more.  As an investment advisor, I know how important safety is to investors. But as an investor myself, I really understand that sentiment, and not just as an academic topic.

Never before in the annals of investing have investors had to risk so much to make so little.

The fear of loss has never been higher. But after a decade of no gain, the need for portfolio growth and income has never been greater. From the end of 1999 to the end of 2011, the S&P 500 declined by 13.58%. Over those 12 years, dividends added 23.58%, but inflation was 34.68%.  That adds up to a real return of negative 24.68% any you only got that if you were adept enough to keep up with the market and lucky enough to pay no taxes.

At Robertson Wealth Management we know what it feels like to be an investor. No silver spoons around here. Just hard work and close attention to the fundamentals that make money grow. Our specialty is creating low-risk tax efficient portfolios that meet the income and growth needs of our clients with an eye on risk reduction.  Some people actually call us “risk adverse” and we are proud of that moniker.

How are we different?

First, our experience sets us apart. With over 100 years of investment experience among our principals, we bring a wealth of Street-earned knowledge to the table.

Second, our focus on risk control is unique. I have learned over the years that the difference between the good investors and the poor ones is not how they perform in a strong market that helps everyone, but how they control risk in the tough markets. If you don’t put yourself in a hole, you don’t have to dig yourself out.

I encourage you to come in and enjoy a cup of coffee with us and let us share with you what we are doing for our clients. It will cost only a few minutes of your time, and whether we eventually work together or not, I believe you will find it worthwhile.


W. Michael Robertson

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