Michael Robertson

Mike Robertson

Mike Robertson is CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Robertson Wealth Management, LLC, and host of “Straight Talk Money”. Mike has been has been in the financial industry for over 40 years and specializes in creating tax-efficient portfolios and retirement distribution strategies, with an emphasis on controlling risk.

Mike has been quoted in such publications as the Houston Chronicle, Money Magazine, Business Week, New York Times, Research Magazine and On Wall Street. He is a member of numerous boards including the Harry S. Dent Foundation Advisory Board, Ed Slott Advisory Board, First Allied Securities Chairman Executive Counsel and Bill Good Marketing Board of Directors. Mike was most recently named as one of the top 400 advisors in the country by Financial Times.

Mike hosts “Straight Talk Money” weekdays from 8am to 9am on Business 1110AM/KTEK in Houston, 1230 AM KERV in Kerrville and Real Talk 760 in Denver. The show also airs on gabbusiness.com, a global internet radio network. The focus of the show is exactly what the name implies, “Straight Talk” about investing and finances and “Straight Answers” to listener questions.

For interviews, TV appearances or speaking engagements contact:  Peggy Tuck,  713-624-4004  peggy@robertsonwealth.com

Verna Corriveau-Schoen

Verna Corriveau-Schoen

Verna Corriveau-Schoen began her career in financial services 35 years ago. Since then she has: written financial columns and other literature (she won a 1995 American Medical Writers Award); taught investors and CPAs alike about insured and uninsured investments, as well as performed hands-on planning for her personal clients. Since 1979, she has served investors nationwide with financial solutions that emphasize risk management (safety) as well as innovation (alternative investments). She believes that just as you insure your other important assets, it is critical to insure essential retirement assets as well. It just makes good sense. She is one of fewer than 50 Advisors nationwide, through her broker/dealer First Allied, who have been specially qualified to serve the doctor community with respect to financial risk management (doctors have compressed economic life cycles that mandate risk averse strategies not generally practiced in the investment industry).

As a Certified Wealth Strategist® Professional , her key focus is on providing each of her clients with the holistic knowledge essential to successfully prepare for retirement, to transition smoothly into retirement as early as possible, and, finally, to remain comfortably retired with minimal financial stress. As a Charter Advisor of Greenbook Financial Services--an elite division of First Allied that serves doctors only--she helps address the unique financial services of physicians and dentists. She also especially enjoys working with widows and widowers--helping them to overcome the complex financial challenges that often accompany bereavement.

A strong believer in the power of education, Verna has acquired two Masters degrees (including a Master of Science in Financial Services) and designations as a Chartered Life Underwriter (insurance), a Chartered Financial Consultant (financial services), and a Certified Wealth Strategist Professional (wealth management). She is a proud member of the Insured Retirement Institute®.

Member Insured Retirement Institute. Securities offered through First Allied Securities, Inc. A Registered Broker Dealer. Member FINRA/SiPC.

John Langston, Senior Vice President

John has worked in the Financial Services Industry for nearly 25 years.  He holds a Series 7 license and specializes in creating balanced portfolios.  John began his career in life insurance, annuities and mutual funds.  Over the years, John has expanded his scope of expertise by becoming a Manager of Professional Money Managers emphasizing equity and fixed income markets along with alternative investments.

Rhonda Shuman, Operations Manager

Rhonda has been working in the financial industry since 1998. She serves as Operations Manager and is a vital component to the workings of the corporation. Rhonda excels in overall client services and has established a solid business relationship with our clients. She is married and has 2 wonderful sons plus volunteers on the award-winning Holy Cow Cookers for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.

Peggy Tuck, Media & Marketing Manager

Peggy brings more than 30 years of experience from the television and radio industry to her position. During that time, she has served as News Anchor, Public Affairs Director, Talk Show Host, Spokesperson and Producer for both television and radio. She has received several Press Club awards as well as a Emmy Nomination. Peggy’s knowledge of the industry along with her valuable network of local and national connections makes her an asset to the team.

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